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UPVC Single & Double Hung Sash / Slide Up

UPVC Single & Double Hung Sash / Slide Up

The UPVC single and double hung sash windows are high quality windows consisting of durable welded frames and sashes that ensure an attractive appearance for years to come. The glass is siliconed to the frame for extra weather tightness while the sliding sash remains at any desired position when open. The double hung sash window features the ability to operate both sashes, providing greater ventilation and control while with the single hung window, the top sash is fixed and only the bottom is operable. Available as single sliders, double sliders and triple sliders (XOX).



  • PVC profiles will not fade, rot, peel or corrode
  • Insect screens provided
  • Sliding sash can be tilted in for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Muntins applied to the inside and outside of the window
  • Cam Locks
  • Coil Balancers
  • Aluminum reinforced
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